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Long history of success !

From "Papyrus" to Goznak (State Symbol)

UE "Papermill" of Goznak is a key player in ensuring the national security of Republic of Belarus. Its very name stands for the important and demanding products the company makes. This is basically all types of strict accountability forms, securities with a various degree of protection: starting from bank documents and insurance policies to lottery tickets and excise stamps for marking beer, water and other products.

More than a century in the market.

The company history began as early as in 1902 with the production of yellow wrapping paper. At that time, in the early twentieth century O.H. Cherny, a merchant from Minsk, thought it was just silly to sell just round timber. But with more advanced processing one can have higher profits! Local resources: Belarussian woods were used for making wood pulp and, consequently, paper. Thus, the city of Borisov became home to the paper mill of "Papyrus".

In 1992 the Council of Ministers of Republic of Belarus ruled to split the paper and wood-chemical group of companies in Borisov in order to set up the national facility for making protected paper and securities. As the result, Papermill of Goznak was separated from the group and put under the authority of the Committee of State Symbols with the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

The Papermill deserves praise for being capable to meet in full the country’s needs for bond paper (except for paper for banknotes, passports and some other highly complex forms of strict accountability).

Aided financially by the state and advised by scientists of the National Academy of Sciences and other research institutions the highly-qualified company specialists have developed their own technology of making bond paper and have launched the local printing production.

Today UE “Paper Mill “ of Goznak is a - a diversified company which boasts the most advanced equipment and the latest technology. Its production volume is increasing annually by 15-20%. For example, only one paper machine manufactures 800 tons of various types of paper per month.

Successful marketing efforts and well- planned production policy, as well as good vision of the future and effective income investment allows the company to constantly increase its production volumes and find expanding markets. The company pursues the policy of constant renovation and modernization.

The degree of protection determines the value of paper and forms.

The list of company products features a number of special products.

Today UE "Paper Mill" of Goznak is capable of making forms with such protection as : iris printing, numbering, personalization, safety nets, guilloche elements, micro texts, application of holograms and unigrams (local and strip-like), etc. Protection may be standard, or customized in the form of a unique combination of security features at customer’s request. Special inks change color when exposed to ultraviolet radiation and copy-prevention pattern is not reproduced when making copies, while an invisible secret inscription keeps appearing – all that for the sake of protection of a single document!

"We make our country more prosperous by providing articles of commerce and trade operations in Republic of Belarus with highly protected forms! " – this is the motto of the UE "Paper Mill" of Goznak. It is reflected in the company policy of ensuring quality of production and labor and environmental safety.

New ways to protect documents develop faster than counterfeiters learn their tricks and, therefore, our market is well-protected from illegal transactions.

Quite a few big foreign companies prefer to use protected paper not only for their documentation, but also for everyday correspondence. Large Belarussian companies are most likely to resort to this kind of data protection in the near future.

Catering for every taste

Paper constitutes 35% of the whole company output. In total, the company produces about 18 types of paper itself and more than 200 kinds of paper products in general. White and color office paper, writing paper, printer rolls, receipt tape, cube notes, pads of sticky notes, paper tape with carriage holes in the stack, carbonless paper tape – they are only a few examples of white paper goods, made by "Paper Mill" of Goznak.

Quality and variety of our products will make happy the most demanding customer. Moreover, the Paper Mill produces flip desk calendars, quarterly calendars and mini-calendars, as well as virtually all paper products to meet school needs: notebooks, note pads, music and drawing books, copy-books, etc.

Little, but important

The age of progress and information technology by no means raises doubts about the necessity of making and using envelopes. However, today no respectable company can do without having its own special envelope. Nowadays such an envelope usually has a company logo, its own corporate identity, individual size and even color. A special corporate envelope - is a token of company’s respect towards itself and clients, a kind of a business card, which must be unique. It is the envelope which plays a very important and rewarding role in marketing of company products and of the company itself.

Three modern envelope-making lines allow the company to produce up to 16 million envelopes and packages per month with 50 % of them being sold in Belarus and the other 50 % shipped abroad. Apart from envelopes and packages with window and without it, destined for mailing brochures and magazines, the company produces artistic or design envelopes. The design envelopes come in very different sizes and shapes: large and small, for greeting cards and letters, color ones, made of different pastel color paper and carrying a company logo. And also greeting sets – an artistic envelope with a card of the same design. A postal set is a really attractive solution especially for letter-writing fans. The company manufactures two types of such sets: an artistic envelope with an enclosed card of the same design and a set of six artistic envelopes and cards of the same topic but of different design.

Envelopes, postal sets, cards and other products are designed and developed in the Papermill’s own design office, equipped with modern technology and staffed with highly skilled specialists.

Unique offer from UE "Paper Mill"

One of the unique modern solutions, providing a real opportunity to highlight your product in the market – is the bulk mailing. Laborious and time-consuming efforts to make mailing sets, stack and pack them into envelopes are save today thanks to a smoothly operating envelope inserting system “Bowe Vario” at Paper Mill of Goznak with the production capacity of up to 8,200 envelopes per hour.

As a result, in 2010 a unique opportunity emerged in Belarus for a quick and efficient advertising campaign through mailing out of news and business letters, invoices and pay sheets, using the equipment of UE "Paper Mill" of Goznak. At first glance envelope- packing is a simple and easy work. But not everything is so simple. In order to organize, for example, packing of 1000 letters one should: order envelopes, fold insertions in a correct way, put a mailing set into an envelope, seal its flap, print information about the "recipient" and "sender" on envelopes or on address labels. Therefore, you won’t cope with this work in one day. And if a customer, for example, a bank plans to send greetings to its clients and or to familiarize them with its new service, it is the matter of dozens of thousands of letters rather than one There seems to be the only one way out: automated mailing. Therefore, by replacing manual and labor-intensive process with an automated one, we act as a guarantor of impeccable quality mailing. The same envelope can hold leaflets, flyers, brochures and other promotional materials.

We can print and personalize documents for you: e.g. you provide us with your electronic client database. We use it to imprint required postal addresses and information of cash movements in the clients’ accounts.

The Paper Mill will mail all letters out at addresses, provided by the customer. Thanks to a skillful combination of the said benefits with the proper strategy of market development and customer support any company will be able to improve its marketing policy and target its existing and potential customers in a more precise and efficient way, as well as achieve beneficial cooperation and expand its sales markets. Postal mailing is a fast and efficient way of advertising company products. It keeps customers updated on the new products, appearing in the production range; informs them of emerging changes in sales terms and conditions, surveys consumer impression about the quality of products and services and assortment of goods, determines current and future market needs; invites potential clients to participate in exhibitions, joint projects, congratulates them with professional and personal holidays.

Envelop your ideas in our impressive envelopes and enjoy great success !

UE "Paper Mill" of Goznak sells its products not only in the home market, but exports 10-12% of its output. The main foreign destination is Russia, consuming up to 90% of the company export. Also, such next-door markets as Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland exhibit strong growth. Belarusian paper products are equally popular with our faraway neighbors: Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Overall, sales markets still continue to grow. Envelopes and copy books make up 70% of the company exports. Bond paper with different degrees of protection constitutes about 15%, the 15% remainder is various kinds of technical paper.

In 2012 UE "Paper Mill" of Goznak celebrated its 110th anniversary. Over the past years we have learnt how to turn our valuable experience into values ​​for you. Looking forward to your orders ! Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries !

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